List of deckhands

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For information on the duties of these characters, see Deckhand.


Rank Name Last Seen
Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol Crossroads, Part II
Petty Officer 2nd Class Cally Tyrol (née Henderson) Crossroads, Part II
Anthony Figurski The Son Also Rises
Pollux Maelstrom
Redford Dirty Hands
Sanchez Dirty Hands
Herschel Dirty Hands


Rank Name Reason
Ensign Diana Seelix Started pilot training


Rank Name Death
Crewman Specialist James "Jammer" Lyman Collaborators (executed)
Crewman Specialist Socinus Valley of Darkness (KIA)
Crewman Specialist Tarn Scattered (KIA)
Crewman Specialist Prosna Miniseries (KIA)

Status Unknown

Rank Name Last Seen
Chief Petty Officer Peter Laird Resurrection Ship, Part I
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