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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: Origins 5
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Lucky is a Cylon
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Lucky in the separate continuity

"Lucky" is the callsign of a pilot on Argus.

Six months prior to the end of the Cylon War, Lucky and his wingman, William "Husker" Adama, enter Cylon space for a reconnaissance mission over Trinity Base. During a flyby, the number two engine of Lucky's Stealth Viper flares out, alerting the Cylons to their presence. Despite attempts to scrub the mission, and the fact that both the self-destruct and pilot ejection mechanisms of the Viper fail to work, the Cylons pursue and capture Lucky and his craft. This is despite Lucky's pleas to Adama to destroy him and his ship; before Adama loses contact with him, Lucky calls him a coward (Battlestar Galactica: Origins 5).