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Lucy Cain
Lucy Cain


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Colony Tauron
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Death Missing and presumed dead, Battle of Tauron
Parents Mr. Cain† and Saundra Cain
Siblings Helena Cain
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Portrayed by Chandra Berg
Lucy Cain is a Cylon
Lucy Cain is a Final Five Cylon
Lucy Cain is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Lucy Cain is an Original Series Cylon
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Lucy Cain in the separate continuity
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Lucy Cain was Helena Cain's younger sister and was presumably killed by the Cylons during the first Cylon War.

Tauron was under attack by Cylon basestars and Centurion ground forces on the last day of the war. Lucy, her sister and her father were pinned down in a building under heavy fire. When her father is injured trying to escape, he tells Helena to get Lucy to a shelter. The two make it out of the building, but outside Helena panics, leaves Lucy in a field of rubble and runs away to hide in a container. When Helena comes out again after the Cylons retreated, she finds only her sister's doll on the ground (Razor).


  • This character does not appear in the television version of "Razor", but only the extended cut released on Cain