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For more information on the comic book version of this character, see Benedict Mason.


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Introduced Bastille Day
Death Killed by Lee Adama (Bastille Day)
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Portrayed by Brent Stait
Mason is a Cylon
Mason is a Final Five Cylon
Mason is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Mason in the separate continuity

Mason is a prisoner aboard the Astral Queen and takes part in a prison revolt aboard that ship.

Nothing is known about Mason's pre-holocaust life except that he was a prisoner aboard the Caprica-bound Astral Queen, on his way to have his parole eligibility assessed. He is also friends with Tom Zarek and possesses an inferiority complex.

Mason attempts to socialize with Cally Henderson, but is offended by her lack of interest in having a conversation with him while she was being held as a hostage. He later removes her from her holding cell and attempts to rape her. Henderson resists by biting a part of his ear off, after which he retaliates and shoots her in the stomach.

Still enraged from being bitten, Mason tries to finish off Henderson, but is slain by Captain Lee Adama before he has a chance (Bastille Day).