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"Mankind's First Mother Gives Up Her Secrets"

National Geographic is a magazine publication in existence on Earth 150,000 years after the Fleet's remnants settle it.

Messenger Six and Messenger Baltar read the cover story from an issue of this periodical, titled "Mankind Meet Your First Mother", held in the hands of a man. Said article pertains to the discovery of skeletal remnants belonging to what Earth scientists speculate is the most recent common genetic maternal ancestor to human life on that planet. The Messengers indicate that the scientists are correct, and that this woman is Hera Agathon (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II").


  • The man reading the magazine is series creator and episode writer Ronald D. Moore.
  • While the name of the magazine is never actually seen on screen, the prop was designed by National Geographic's own art department. Ron Moore and David Eick discussed the process that lead to the involvement of National Geographic in an interview with the magazine's blog.