Otarsis Quadrant asteroid

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Boomer and Jolly on the asteroid surface.

The Otarsis Quadrant asteroid[1] is a planetoid with an atmosphere suitable to humans.

A patrol from Galactica, consisting of Lieutenant Boomer and Flight Sergeant Jolly, discover strange readings on this asteroid and investigate.

Upon landing, they discover that there is a Cylon listening post on the planet and are also infected with an unknown virus, which they bring back to Galactica and infect half the bridge officers and all but two Viper pilots.

Unable to find a cure for this virus, Doctor Salik and a medical team land on the asteroid, themselves accompanied by a Viper squadron consisting of newly trained female warriors. Prior to landing, this Viper party manages to dispatch Cylon Raiders launched from the post while Captain Apollo destroys the post (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).

Separate Continuity

In the Berkley novelization, The Tombs of Kobol, the asteroid is bluish in color. Its surface is described as a "rock-strewn craggy surface" with a substance on the rocks that appears viscous and oily. It is later determined that this substance is the "virus" that Boomer and Jolly contract during the patrol, bringing back to Galactica to spread amongst the pilots, despite going through the standard decontamination procedure.


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