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Introduced Black Market
Death Shot by Lee Adama
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Phelan is the head of the black market operating within the Fleet when Pegasus commander Jack Fisk is murdered. Phelan kills Fisk after he attempts to renegotiate his fee for allowing the market to work using Pegasus resources.

Phelan's father was a member of the Colonial Fleet, and is presumed dead, killed during the initial Cylon attack. Phelan himself is an "ex-military mercenary".

Lee Adama meets with Phelan aboard the Prometheus in an attempt to rescue Shevon and her daughter, Paya. Phelan makes a significant point to Adama that the black market is a necessary evil, despite President Roslin's objections. The black market provides a supply alternative for citizens in the Fleet when official methods become bogged down due to delays or when supplies run short.

Phelan has no issues with shady and immoral practices such as child prostitution. He claims "it's hard to find the moral high ground when we're all standing in the mud." When Adama tries to deal with Phelan for Shevon and her daughter, Paya, Phelan says that the child was "already paid for", indicating the young girl was to be part of his child prostitution ring.

Adama realizes that, while the black market is necessary, Phelan's use of children, among other things, crosses the line. Realizing that he can't stop the black market but can change its methods, Adama shoots and kills Phelan, who gravely underestimates Adama's sense of justice (as well as his current state of depression). His last words are, "You're not gonna shoot. You're not like me." (TRS: "Black Market")