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Eick: Hi this is David Eick executive producer of Caprica

Pate: and Jonas Pate producing director caprica and director of episode 102

Eick: otherwise known as reins of the waterfall and we are thrilled to be here to have our first podcast for the first episode and do look at something that we really feels like eons ago that we were actually working on this we are in the editing room right now just coming out of dealing with editing notes from the network on episode ten and locking picture on episode seven and eight and preparing to run out to direct and in Jonas's case episode 18 the season finale. so to go all the way back to episode one at this point is a little bit surreal but the tequila helps I have to say you know the sort of like

Pate: Just makes it all come back over the ...

Eick: Ya you know, or certainly its going to make me like it a lot more

Eick: No is actually mr pate who i've been working with now since nineteen ninety eight in wonder in areas corrupted form or another has a great saying about go to the dub stage to watch your pilot or your movie or your episode finish that is like finding twenty bucks in your couch because invariably you have been made to suffer the tortures for the dammed and you're finally seeing it in it's cleaned up form with all the music and all the visual effects finished and all the transitions worked out and its this thing of beauty relatives your memory of it and we just had that experience with 102 it is really strong show and and have you directed first episodes of the series other than your own that you created