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Re-imagined Series co-creator Ron D. Moore typically enjoys a fine alcoholic beverage or tobacco product ("smokes and drinks") while recording podcasts that provide commentary to the many episodes. This article summarizes the beverage and tobacco brands used during the podcasts where available.

As Moore (sort of) requested, Battlestar Wiki is committed to keeping score of his libations.

Season 2

Podcasts where smokes and drinks were mentioned were not created until episode 10, season 2, "Pegasus".


  • Beverage: Not defined.
  • Smokes: Not defined, but at least three cigarettes were enjoyed. (Moore denies that the smokes are New Caprican loco weed or any other terrestrial psychotropic genus).

"The Captain's Hand"

  • Beverage: Not defined.
  • Smokes: Not defined, but smokes were enjoyed. Moore asks the fans to ""man up" when it comes to his enjoyment of smokes and drinks and the background noise of his home during the podcasts.

"Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I"

  • Beverage: Not defined.
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife, Terry Dresbach, joined him in the commentary, who forbids smoking while she is in the room.

"Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II"

  • Beverage: David Eick joins Moore. He pours a little Johnnie Walker Blue Label in celebration of this season-ending episode, quipping that Moore is pouring "apple juice" in a half-hearted attempt to set an example for his children.
  • Smokes: Not defined, but Moore, who calls himself a "re-smoker", enjoys several.

Season 3

"Occupation" and "Precipice"

  • Beverage: Bowmore "Cask Strength" Scotch, given to him by a friend.
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife attended the podcast.

"Exodus, Part I"

  • Beverage: Longmorn Fifteen Scotch. (Moore: "A highland Scotch. A damned fine one.")
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife attended the podcast.

"Exodus, Part II"


  • Beverage: Diet Coke. Moore speaks from his office at Universal Studios.
  • Smokes: Not defined, but he smokes anyway, joking that he is in defiance of California state law.


  • Beverage: None. Moore speaks at the "The History and Theory of Commercial Narrative film" class at Cornell University, his alma mater.
  • Smokes: None.

"A Measure of Salvation"

  • Beverage: Macallan Scotch given by a Cornell student named Josh after Moore endured a dry podcast for the last episode.
  • Smokes: American Spirit


  • Beverage: None. Moore chose to take a break from inbibing this podcast. ("Too early in the day.")
  • Smokes: Shermans. Moore notes to all that he doesn't smoke nearly as much as his fans may believe.

"Unfinished Business"

"The Passage"

  • Beverage: None. Moore notes that he is feeling unwell.
  • Smokes: None.


  • Beverage: Johnnie Walker Black. Dresbach notes that, because of their plane trip, they "cheapened out" on the Scotch in case the "good stuff" would cause an in-flight incident.
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife attends the podcast.

"Taking a Break From All Your Worries"

  • Beverage: Glenross Scotch
  • Smokes: Shermans

"The Woman King"

  • Beverage: Absinthe, from an undisclosed source.
  • Smokes: Undisclosed. Wife Dresbach and Moore are vacationing on the Russion River in a cabin.

"A Day in the Life"


  • Beverages: Isle of Jura Scotch. (A gift from "professor Diane Winston, at the University of Southern California, who invited me to come and talk with her class on media- religion in television.") Dresbach enjoys "A glass of le lait, with a twist of orange."
  • Smokes: None.

"The Son Also Rises"

  • Beverage: Highland Twenty Five Scotch, a gift from his wife for Valentine's Day.
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife attends the podcast.

"Crossroads, Part I"

  • Beverage: Edradour Scotch, a gift from actor John Hodgman. Moore notes that, of the Scotches he's imbibed, that Talisker is one of is favorites, as well as the Isle of Jura Scotch he enjoyed during the podcast of "Maelstrom".
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife attends the podcast.

"Crossroads, Part II"

Season 4


"He That Believeth In Me"

"Six of One"

"The Ties That Bind"

"Escape Velocity"

  • Beverages: Glenmorangie
  • Smokes: None. Moore's wife and children are in the house.