Cylon listening post

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Cylon listening post
The outward appearence of the installation is kept to a minimum.
The closed Cylon Listening Post as seen from a distance.

A Cylon listening post, also known as pods by the Colonials, is a covert installation built on a planet and designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape while gathering intelligence on enemy movements.

One such outpost is discovered by Galactica pilots Boomer and Jolly on an asteroid in the Otarsis Quadrant (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I). Constructed on the rocky face of a canyon, the only outward sign of the station is a comparatively small launchbay hatch. This hatch can be opened by tilting the entire section by 90 degrees, allowing access for Raiders, equipment and personnel. Up until its destruction by Colonial forces, Baltar is using the base to track the movements of Galactica and the Fleet.


  • At least six Cylon Raiders are stationed at the outpost.
  • Comments made during the discussion between Boomer and Jolly suggest that pods can be found in multiple locations on a celestial body, possibly for greater coverage. Boomer also notes that it takes just one to notify the Cylons.
  • Unbeknownst to the Cylons, a pathogen that is potentially lethal to humans is present on the asteroid, making detection of the outpost less likely.