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Sagittarius Is Bleeding
Sagittarius Is Bleeding
A book of the Re-imagined Series line
Book No. 3
Author(s) Peter David
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Published October 3, 2006
ISBN 0765316056
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Sagittarius Is Bleeding by Peter David (published by Tor Books), is an original novel based on the Re-imagined Series.


Book Notes

  • Cally's full name is given as "Callista Henderson".[1]
    • This contradicts the Miniseries novelization (in which she is named as Jane Cally), as well as her funeral in the episode "Escape Velocity", which gives her full name as Callandra Henderson.
  • It is revealed that D'Anna Biers inserted a listening device into Lt. Gaeta’s hand while making her documentary which leads to a near-fatal ambush at the beginning of the book. It is later found by Colonel Tigh and removed.
  • The current number of Sagittaron survivors is given as 5,251. This number would have to be modified to 5,248 following the deaths of three Midguardians.
    • This figure is unchanged from the number given in "33".
  • It is noted that Caprica-Six never told Dr. Baltar either her name or alias.
    • This also contradicts the novelization of the miniseries, where she was referred to as "Natasi" before revealing her true nature.

New Characters



  • Template:Inlineref - the leader of the Midguardians. He formulates a plan to destroy the Fleet after he believes that the survivors are meant to perish by plunging into a sun following a blind jump. After his failed attempt at genocide, he is revealed to be part of an extremely fanatic religious sect of Midguardians and returned to Bifrost for punishment.
  • Template:Inlineref - daughter of Wolf Gunnerson. She is a former lawyer who was placed in charge of finding shelter for the orphans of the civilian fleet. She later makes an unsuccessful attempt to get Sharon freed on legal grounds before being revealed as part of a plot to destroy the Fleet. She is killed by Kara Thrace and two Galactica marines while attempting to crash Bifrost into Colonial One.
  • Template:Inlineref – a Midguardian serving under Wolf. He is killed by Thrace and two Galactica marines while attempting to crash Bifrost into Colonial One.
  • Template:Inlineref – a Midguardian serving under Wolf. He is killed by Thrace and two Galactica marines while attempting to crash Bifrost into Colonial One.

Other Civilians

New Ships

  • Template:Inlineref - This is a large civilian transport ship that Boxey was assigned to shortly after his arrival in the Fleet. It contains a large central mall with living trees. It is also later misnamed as 'Template:Inlineref'.
  • Template:Inlineref - This is the ship of the Midguardians and contains their entire population including any refugees that choose to seek sanctuary with them.

New Groups

  • The Template:Inlineref - This religious sect is considered heretics by the majority of the colonies. Their religion (and accompanying gods) are all based around Norse mythology. The Template:Inlineref contains their prophecies and teachings, but it was stricken from the Sacred Scrolls due to its heretical teachings. The group numbered around 500 when the Colonies were attacked and the entire population escaped aboard Bifrost to join the rest of the Fleet. Prior to the attack, the Midguardians lived exclusively on Sagittaron where they kept themselves separate from the rest of the planet's population. Their isolationist attitude ended when they were inspired by the bold actions of Tom Zarek, and they continued seeking fair treatment on their home colony until the attack.


  1. In "Escape Velocity", her full name is revealed as Callandra Henderson.

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