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For a list of sectors from the Original Series, see: List of sectors (TOS).

This is a listing of sectors that are noted in the Re-imagined Series, but are unworthy of separate articles due to the limited content.

Sector Delta 9

The location of the Battle of the Resurrection Hub (The Hub), according to Colonial starcharts. After Chief Laird retrieves information from Eammon Pike's flight recorder, Galactica discovers the debris and no survivors (Sine Qua Non).

Sector J23R7

An image analysis of J23R7 in the Situation Room.

Sector J23R7 is the system where the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid takes place.

A full spectrum image analysis of the system is on a light panel in the Situation Room during this engagement (The Hand of God).


  • Given the presence of other data in the room regarding the tylium asteroid, it is logically assumed that the battle takes place in this system, barring a FUBAR on the part of Galactica's crew.
  • Also the possible presence of the mandala can be seen on the chart though not in its fullest detail. Despite this, however, its presence is more than likely unintentional.

Sector 728

Sector 728 is the region of the galaxy that contains the planet Kobol (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I).