Service for the dead

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An honor guard at a military funeral (Act of Contrition)

A service for the dead is funeral service, which can be either a civilian ceremony or a military funeral.

Priest Elosha conducts services for the dead after Galactica's initial escape from Ragnar Anchorage (Miniseries).

Two years prior to the fall of the Twelve Colonies, a chaplain administers a service of the dead for Zak Adama.

After several pilots die in an accident on Galactica's hangar deck, Elosha is called to perform another service (Act of Contrition).

Crashdown holds an improvised service for Tarn and Socinus after the two are killed on Kobol (Fragged).

Admiral Helena Cain is given full military honors at her funeral (Resurrection Ship, Part II).

After Cally Tyrol's death a small civilian service is held for her (Escape Velocity).