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Cover for the 1978 Film Soundtrack
"1978 Film Soundtrack"
An album of the Galactica 1980 series
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Composer(s) Stu Phillips, Glen A. Larson
Artist(s) Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Label Varese Sarabande
Tracks 17
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Discs 1
Released 1999-09-06
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The score has been newly recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Stu Phillips himself.

Track Listing

  1. Main Title: Theme from Battlestar Galactica
  2. Battlefield Galactica Theme
  3. Destruction of Peace
  4. Fighter Launch
  5. Adama's Theme/The Residue Of War
  6. Sex At Last/Cassiopeia & Starbuck
  7. Cylon Freighter/The Trap
  8. Cylon Attack/The End Of Atlantia
  9. Symptoms/Boxey's Problems/Serena's Illness
  10. Suffering
  11. Red Nova
  12. More Than A Father/And The People Rejoiced
  13. Ready Room/Scramble To Safety/Imperious Leader
  14. Escape from the Ovion Mines
  15. Dash to the Elevator
  16. Red & Blue/Destruction Of Carillon
  17. Exodus One/End Credits