Soundtrack (The Plan & Razor)

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Soundtrack (The Plan & Razor)
"Soundtrack (The Plan & Razor)"
An album of the the Re-imagined series
Album No. 6
Composer(s) Bear McCreary
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Label La-La Land Records
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Discs 1
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Soundtrack (Caprica pilot) Soundtrack (The Plan & Razor) Soundtrack (Blood and Chrome)
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Track Listing

  1. Apocalypse (Theme from The Plan) - From The Plan (4:06)
  2. Razor Main Title - From Razor (2:13)
  3. Arriving at Pegasus - From Razor (2:27)
  4. The Plan Main Title - From The Plan (4:33)
  5. Attack on the Scorpion Shipyards - From Razor (3:37)
  6. Apocalypse, Pt. I - From The Plan (6:36)
  7. Apocalypse, Pt. II - From The Plan (2:35)
  8. Pegasus Aftermath - From Razor (4:09)
  9. Kendra's Memories - From Razor (2:43)
  10. Mayhem on the Colonies - From The Plan (3:28)
  11. Civilian Standoff on the Scylla - From Razor (2:56)
  12. Husker in Combat - From Razor (1:54)
  13. Major Kendra Shaw - From Razor (5:03)
  14. Cavil Kills and Cavil Spares - From The Plan (2:12)
  15. The Hybrid Awaits - From Razor (2:43)
  16. Kendra and the Hybrid - From Razor (6:06)
  17. Princes of the Universe - From The Plan (3:56)
  18. Starbuck's Destiny - From Razor (0:39)
  19. Apocalypse (Theme from The Plan / bonus Live Version) (6:24)
    • Performed by The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra

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