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A shot of the raptor with the correct spelling. Click the image to enlarge.
  • D'Anna Biers spelled Edmondson's name incorrectly on the video presentation commissioned by President Roslin. Her name (with two "Ds") is spelled correctly on her Raptor. During the early part of Season 3, the art department chopped the last two letters of her name off it for reasons still unknown. Ron Moore named Racetrack by callsign only in "Kobol's Last Gleaming." During "Final Cut," the episode's writer, Mark Verheiden, was busy on his next episode, so the art department asked me to come up with her full name so they'd know what to print on her personal gear and on her Raptor. I named Racetrack Margaret Edmondson. Somewhere downstream, post-production got the name without the second "D," which is where this controversy arose. The art department got it right. Post (which also prints the end credits) was misled. We're hoping this error doesn't go too far into Season 3.