Space suit (RDM)

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For the Original Series counterpart, see Space suit (TOS).
Deck crew in space suits (Water).

Space suits are used by the crew for extra-vehicular activity.

Several deckhands and Chief Tyrol wear space suits as they explore a damaged water storage area aboard Galactica (Water). The suits are also seen in use while crewmembers work on deck, inside the port flight pod, as Colonial Heavy 798 lands to offload its passengers for Galactica's decommissioning ceremony (Miniseries, Night 1).

Sergeant Mathias wears the same type of suit when she inspects a damaged Heavy Raider that has rendezvoused with the Demetrius (The Road Less Traveled).

The suits differ from the flight suits worn by Viper and Raptor pilots in that the white suits were designed for maintenance and repairs outside the ship, rather than for survival after ejection from a fighter.