Starbuck's Poem

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For information on the significance of the circular painting on Starbuck's wall, see The Destiny and Eye of Jupiter.
A shot of the poem next to the mandala in Kara Thrace's apartment (Maelstrom).

Kara Thrace's old apartment on Caprica in the city of Delphi is filled with paintings on canvas as well as some wall paintings (Valley of Darkness).

In the wall to the left of a curious circular painting that Thrace has doodled since she was a child ("The Eye of Jupiter", "Maelstrom"), the Viper pilot wrote a simple poem:

The poem written to the left of the mandala in Kara Thrace's apartment (Valley of Darkness)
Methodically smoking my cigarette
Every breath I breathe out the day
With every delicious sip
I drink away the night
Stroking my hair to
The beat of his heart
Watching a boy turn into a man