Stephanie von Pfetten

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Stephanie von Pfetten
Stephanie von Pfetten
Marco Messingfeld
Portrays: Marcia "Showboat" Case
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: ,
Nationality: CAN CAN

Stefanie Baroness Christina von Pfetten is a Canadian actress who played Captain Marcia "Showboat" Case in the Re-imagined series.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, von Pfetten's parents are originally from Munich. Upon graduating from high school, she she moved to Vienna, then to Munich, where she studied art history and interned at Sotheby's.[1]

After this, she moved back to Vancouver to pursue acting[1], subsequently appearing in various science fiction productions, including Seven Days and 2004's Decoys.

Of her experience on Battlestar Galactica, she mentions that many of her friends are actors on the show and that she would love to play a recurring character on the series.[1]


  • In English her name translates to "Stefanie of purlins". A purlin is a horizontal beam running the length of a roof and supporting the top rafters of the roof.


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