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Labeled model of Stubbs's Raptor in the Situation Room (The Hand of God)

Stubbs is a male[1] Raptor pilot aboard Galactica who monitors enemy force deployment during the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid. He is attached to Strike Force One, while another Raptor (Boomer's) is assigned to monitor Strike Force Two.

Since Boomer and Crashdown's Raptor is labeled "Boomer" during this scene, and Stubbs's Raptor also bears his name, it can be assumed that he is a pilot rather than an ECO (The Hand of God).


  • "Stubb" is possibly an obscure reference to Moby-Dick: the second mate of the Pequod is named "Stubb". The first mate of the Pequod, incidentally, is named "Starbuck".
  • A Raptor, 8021NC, is noted on the War Room chalkboard as being piloted by a pilot named Stubb, and is possibly meant to be Stubbs himself.


  1. Stubbs, while unseen and uncredited, does have one line in the episode. After Strike Force One is ordered to retreat, he reports to Galactica: "Galactica, Stubbs. Cylon strike force is turning away from Deacon and inbound to Galactica." From this, his gender can be determined.