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Supreme Commandant
Supreme Commandant


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Portrayed by Nehemiah Persoff
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The Supreme Commandant is the military and civilian leader of the fascist Eastern Alliance of Terra.

Under his leadership, the Eastern Alliance subjugated many of Terra's colonies and exterminated life on at least one planet, Paradeen (Greetings from Earth).

As part of a decisive strike against the Nationalists, he lead its' president, Arends, to believe that he wanted peace, going as so far as to sign a treaty to that effect. The treaty was dismissed and plotted a massive strike which would annihilate the Nationalists and those within the Alliance's own borders who were undesired. Those extremely loyal to the cause were provided with underground bunkers to survive any retailiatory attacks prior to the strike.

The Commandant's strike was thwarted by the battlestar Galactica, forcing the Commandant to consider the peace treaty (Experiment in Terra).