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Tauron Language

I am under the impression that the Tauron language is not Ancient Greek, but rather Modern Greek. I am a Greek citizen and am obviously familiar with both Modern and Ancient Greek, and by watching Caprica I believe that even though the way they pronounce the words and phrases is the Ancient Greek way, they use word syntax and slang that is clearly Modern Greek (like for instance in episode 3 where they are drinking beers one of the Adamas says to the other "Γειά μας" (ya mas) which is slang for "(στην υ)γεία μας" (stin iyia mas) meaning "to our health"). Futhermore, the rap song heard on the same scene (if I listened correctly) has lyrics that are in Modern Greek.

Are there any official sources that state Tauron is Ancient and not Modern Greek? -- Phillyboy 18:47, 29 April 2010 (UTC)