Tauron City

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For another subject using the name Minos, see: Troy Minos
A view of Tauron City

Tauron City is a prominent metropolis on the planet Tauron.

It is home to the Vergis Corporation whose CEO Tomas Vergis helped design the meta-cognitive processor that was eventually stolen by Graystone Industries for the Cylon prototype (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").



  • According to Serge's Twitter Account the native name of the city is actually Minos. "Tauron City" is a designation that is mainly used by Capricans.
  • Tauron City was originally assumed by viewers to be Tauron's capital (analogical to Caprica City). Later, Serge's Twitter account stated the capital to be Hypatia. This is comparable to the fact that New York City is not the capital of New York.
  • During the "Caprica is burning" monologue in "The Plan" there is a city that looks remarkably similar to Tauron City. However, it is assumed to be a city on Libran because that world is mentioned when the shot of that city is seen.de:Tauron City