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This template is used to place a sidebar box of information on a book on a Battlestar Wiki article. Note that all parameter names are lower case only.


{{Book Data
| image = 
| title=
| series=
| bookno=
| episode=
| pages=
| author=
| published=
| isbn=
| prev=
| next=
| itunes=
| amazon=
| amazon-uk=

Required parameters

  • title: Name of the book. No wikifiy
  • series: What series is this book within.
  • isbn: What is the books ISBN number
  • prev: Previous Book
  • next: Next Book

Optional parameters

  • image: The filename of the book cover.
  • bookno: What number this book is in the current series
  • episode: What episode does this book have some relation too.
  • pages: The number of pages in the book.
  • author: Who is the author of the book. Separate multiple authors by <br />
  • published: Who was the publisher.
    • Note: These can all be wikified.
  • itunes: The link to iTunes. Typically these are for audiobook versions.
  • amazon: The unique Amazon number.
  • amazon-uk: The unique Amazon.co.uk number. (NOTE: This number is sometimes different than the Amazon.com USA ASIN!)

Parameters dependent on other parameters

The fields for the Books a Million and eBay/Half.com links are dependent on the isbn parameter being defined properly.