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This template is used to place character info on a Battlestar Wiki article. It provides lower case parameters only.


{{Character Data
 | title=
 | photo=
 | photo 2=
 | caption=
 | caption 2=
 | age=
 | colony=
 | birthplace=
 | birthname=
 | birthdate=
 | callsign=
 | nickname=
 | seen=
 | pseen=
 | death=
 | parents=
 | siblings=
 | children=
 | marital status=
 | familytree=
 | role=
 | rank=
 | serial=
 | actor=
 | cylon=
 | 5cylon=
 | hcylon=
 | mcylon=
 | sepcon=
 | series=
 | name=

Optional parameters

  • title: If different from the article name.
  • photo: The filename of the photo.
  • photo 2: The file name for a second photo, which goes on the bottom of the infobox.
  • caption: The caption of the first photo.
  • caption 2: The caption of the second photo.
  • age: The approximate age of the character.
  • colony: The character's home colony.
  • birthplace: If the character was not born on one of The Twelve Colonies, then use this parameter instead of "colony".
  • birthname: The full birthname of the character.
  • birthdate: The date of birth. Approximate. Link to a Timeline page if needed.
  • callsign: The character's "callsign" if he or she is a pilot.
  • nickname: The character's "nickname" if applicable.
  • seen: The episode in which the character first appears. Do not wikify.
  • pseen: If the episode name is different than the article name, this is what will displayed. Do not wikify.
  • death: When, Where, and How they died. Please wikify the episode.
  • parents: Who are their parents.
  • siblings: Who is related to them.
  • children: How many children does this character have.
  • marital status: What's their current marital status.
  • familytree: Set this to Y if they have a family tree. The section in the article should be Family tree.
  • role: Current job or position.
  • rank: Current rank if in the military.
  • serial: Serial number, if in the military.
  • actor: Actor/actress who plays this character. Please wikify.
  • name: If the character is a Cylon, this is their human name. For example, "Sharon Valerii" for Number Eight.


  • cylon: Insert Y to indicate that this character is a Cylon.
  • 5cylon: Insert Y to indicate that this character is a member of the Final Five.
  • hcylon: Insert Y to indicate that this character is a Cylon Hybrid.


  • mcylon: Insert Y to indicate that this character is a Cylon.

Separate Continuity

  • sepcon: Insert Y to indicate that a separate continuity article is available on the subject.
  • sepcon title: The name of the article on the subject in the separate continuity. Do not encase in any link syntax.
  • series: Insert the series acronym that the separate continuity is a part of. Values are TOS, 1980, and RDM.
Note: This is only for articles where the name crosses more than one continuity. For instance, "Boxey" is both a character in the Original Series as well as the Re-imagined Series. So an article on Boxey in the separate continuity material for the Original Series would use the "TOS" acronym, and thus would facilitate a link to Boxey (TOS alternate).de:Vorlage:Charakterdaten

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