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This template is used to place a Crew infobox on a Battlestar Wiki articles. It provides lower case parameters only.


{{Crew Data
| image= 
| role=
| series=
| series 2=
| born_month= 
| born_day= 
| born_year= 
| death_month= 
| death_day= 
| death_year= 
| nationality=
| site=
| imdb= 
| nocat=
| sortkey=

Required parameters

  • role: The role this crew member plays. Use <br /> to insert more than one. Please wikify the role if need be.
  • series: the series the cast member worked/works on: TOS, 1980, RDM, Caprica, SDS, TSC
  • sortkey: This tells the category system where this entry should go. (For Richard Hatch, the sortkey would be "Hatch, Richard"—without quotes—thus telling the software to alphabetize by his last name.)

Optional parameters

  • image: The filename of the image. Do not include the Image: prefix.
  • series 2: if involved with a second series, then note that here, using one of the following codes: TOS, 1980, RDM, Caprica, SDS, TSC
  • born_month: The month number that the actor was born.
  • born_day: The day number that the actor was born.
  • born_year: The full year that the actor was born. (e.x. 1971)
  • death_month: The month number that the actor died.
  • death_day: The day number that the actor died.
  • death_year: The full year that the actor died. (e.x. 1971)
  • nationality: Uses the flag template.
    • US, UK, or others. For a full listing of possible country codes please visit IANA's Root-Zone Index
    • Earth as to indicate from the planet Earth
  • site: The official website of the crew member. This field is not for fan websites or other unofficial websites. Any unofficial websites using this parameter should be removed and placed in an External links section in the article itself.
  • imdb: The ID number on their IMDB page. Include only the numbers, not the two letter prefix. (i.e. 123456 instead of nm123456)