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This template is used on User pages for quick info about a BSG Wiki Member. It provides lower case parameters only. If you are not going to include any of these parameters, and you still want to be part of the "Category:Galactipedian", just insert [[Category:Galactipedian|{{PAGENAME}}]] somewhere on your userpage. Similarly, you can add yourself to Category:Female Galactipedian or Category:Male Galactipedian by using [[Category:Female Galactipedian|{{PAGENAME}}]] or [[Category:Male Galactipedian|{{PAGENAME}}]].
If you rather see yourself as a universal Wikipedia user, you can also add yourself to "Category:Wikipedians" with [[Category:Wikipedians|{{PAGENAME}}]]


{{User Data
| name= 
| photo=
| gender=
| location=
| countrycode=
| timezone=
| callsign=
| rank= 
| favepi=
| showEC=
| away=
| awayid=
| wgastrike=

Optional parameters

  • photo: The image filename only.
  • name: Full Name
  • gender: Male or Female. This option will also place you in Category:Male Galactipedian or Category:Female Galactipedian.
    • We like to stress that this is the most optional field here. Leaving this blank is OK. You will not be punished for leaving this blank.
  • age: Your age. Only used if one of born_day, born_month and born_year isn't specified.
  • born_day, born_month and born_year: Your date of birth in numericals. If all three are specified, your age is calculated and shown as well.
  • location: Where you live.
  • timezone: Your timezone (e.g. GMT +1)
  • email: Email Address
  • gmail: Google Username
  • aim: AIM Username
  • icq: ICQ Username
  • twitter: Twitter username
  • callsign: Online Nickname
  • parents: How many parents
  • siblings: How many siblings
  • children: How many children
  • marital status: Current marital status
  • occupation: What you do for a living
  • rank: Your "pretend" BSG Wiki Rank
  • countrycode: Your country code in all capital letters. Will show your flag if it's installed. If your flag is not installed, it will show "earth".
    • US, UK, or others. For a full listing of installed country codes, see here.
    • Earth as to indicate from the planet Earth
  • admin: Enter "Y" if you are an Chief.
  • bcrat: Enter "Y" if you are a Senior Chief.
    • Note: If you are a senior chief, you don't need to declare the "admin" field.
  • sok: Enter "Y" if you are a Star of Kobol award "winner".
  • nocat: Enter "Y" if you don't want to be included in any category.
  • nogendercat: Enter "Y" if you don't want to be included in Category:Male Galactipedian or Category:Female Galactipedian.
  • noflag: Enter "Y" if you don't want your country flag to show up.
  • showEC: Enter "Y" if you want your edit count to be shown.
  • away: Enter "Y" if you want a "This user is away" message to be shown.
    • awayid: If you have provided additional information on your absence in a section on your user page or in a message box, set this parameter to the name of the section or the ID of the message box (see also the id parameter in Template:Message box), and the word "away" will link to it. If this parameter is not set, the word "away" will not be linked.
  • wgastrike: Set to Y if you support the WGA strike. To use the WGA support image somewhere else on your user page, use {{WGA strike}}.

Very Optional

  • favepi: Enter your favorite episode(s). If you have more than one, follow each one with <br />. You may wikify.de:Vorlage:Userdaten

es:Plantilla:Character Data fr:Modèle:Données utilisateur