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From the DVD set

From the episode script

  • In the first scene, after Apollo complains about losing a secton's pay betting on Starbuck's last system - Some of the pilots begin yelling at Sheba who's at the controls.
Boomer: "Come on, Sheba, get this bird moving!"
Jolly: "Kick in the after-rocket. Furlon will be over before we get there!"
Female Pilot: "I hope the Rising Star can handle this gaggle."
Sheba laughs and hits the radio switch.
Sheba: "Rising Star, this is Galactica Shuttle. Requesting docking clearance."
Radio Voice: "Galactica Shuttle. Rising Star Approach Control. You're number one in the pattern. Cleared to dock... Port Bay. (beat) Canarius Shuttle. Take a position twenty microns astern of the Galactica shuttle. You're number two in the pattern."
Sheba: "You got a fix on the Canarius?"
Female pilot: "On the scanner... closing astern."
Then we cut to Chameleon on the Canarius shuttle.
  • On the scanner on Chameleon's shuttle, we first see two IFB broadcasters Zed and Zara.
Zed: "It's been nearly three sectons since our patrols have made any Cylon contact, and while there has been no official word from the Galactica, sources close to Commander Adama indicate that he is cautiously optimistic that we have eluded Cylon pursuit in this star quadrant."
Zara: "Reports that the Galactica is granting furlons to some of her squadrons would seem to support that. (turns and smiles) Good news for a change, Zed."
Zed: "It would seem so. Stay tuned after this message for Zara's closing feature on 'The Warrior of the Centare.'"
Siress Blassie smiles at Chameleon.
Siress Blassie: "It's so nice to know we're rid of those nasty Cylons for a while." (After a beat...)
Chameleon: "Pardon?"
Siress Blassie: "I said, it's nice to be rid of those nasty Cylons. Why, they nearly shot down the Crucible... that's my billeting vessel. Imagine coming after a senior vessel! No one on board is under sixty yahrens."
Chameleon: (with a smile) "Excepting you, of course."
Siress Blassie lights up, obviously flattered.
  • After Chameleon cons the crewman into letting him avoid paying, there is a scene on the Rising Star Astral Lounge - Entrance Hatch. The Maitre d' (same man that served Starbuck and Cassiopea in the Long Patrol) is standng next to the hatch with a computer (like that used by the crewman on the Canarius). The hatch opens, revealing Apollo, Starbuck, and the rest of the pilots on furlon.
Maitre D': (eyes widening in surprise) "Ah... welcome to the Rising Star. (beat) Exactly how many are in your party?"
Apollo deposits a marker in the computer and the green light comes on and begins to flash a number of times.
Apollo: (smiles) "Twenty-three... all on furlon."
Maitre D': (trying to count the flashes) "Twenty-three! Ah... one... two... three..."
Starbuck: "Yah... isn't it great!"
The rest of the warriors press forward after Apollo and Starbuck like Marines on their first Tiquana liberty. The Maitre d' is trying to count the flashes and the passing pilots... and losing. MOVING WITH THE PILOTS as they enter the Astral Lounge. It's packed with the civilians from other ships and from the fun they're having, the lack of recent Cylon contact seems to have lifted everyone's spirits.
  • After Starbuck proposes some gambling, there is another scene at the entrance hatch with the Maitre d'. The green light is still flashing as he tries to keep count on all the pilots who have already disappeared into the room. The green light finally stops and the Maitre d' sighs. The hatch opens and civilians from the Canarius begin entering, each dropping their marker into the computer. In the middle of the group we see Chameleon and Siress Blassie. She has obviously latched onto him. As they reach the Maitre d', Chameleon reaches into his jacket and a look of dismay crosses his face. He quickly steps back, letting the others pass. Siress Blassie moves to him. CLOSE ON CHAMELEON AND SIRESS BLASSIE.
Chameleon: "You go ahead. I'll join you in a centon."
Siress Blassie: "What's wrong?"
Chameleon: "I'm afraid I've misplaced my wallet. Probably dropped it on the Canarius. (smiles) Silly thing to do. I'll just dash back and retrieve it."
Siress Blassie: "Mister Chameleon, I'm sure the Canarius has launched again."
Chameleon looks concerned but shrugs it off and smiles.
Chameleon: "Go on and enjoy yourself. Don't give me another thought... I'll be fine."
Siress Blassie: "I'll do no such thing!"
She digs into her purse and begins to come up with markers, cubits... all sorts of currency.
Siress Blassie: "I have plenty of markers and cubits... even some Orion checks. (offers them) You just take some."
Chameleon looks stunned.
  • Chameleon's first words to Starbuck at the gambling table are:
Chameleon: "You seem to be very lucky, Lieutenant."
Starbuck: "Luck has nothing to do with it, although I can't convince my buddy of that."
  • After it is brought up that Chameleon could be Starbuck's father and Chameleon says,
Chameleon: "Yes. We would be foolish to get our hopes up",
Starbuck: "Always cautious."
Apollo: "Starbuck... I know you. I don't want to see you hurt."
Starbuck: "Hey... I realize the odds are slim. My real father's probably dead... (beat) But... what if he's not? (turns to Chameleon) What if you're him? We have the same color eyes... did you notice that?"
Chameleon: "Yes."
Starbuck: (picking up steam) "And the system. We came up with the same pyramid system. I love to wager and you were a professional!"
Apollo: "Starbuck... you're doing it!"
Starbuck: (turns quickly) "Apollo! This man could be my father!"
  • After Starbuck says
Starbuck: "What are we waiting for... let's go!",
Apollo: "I'll order up the shuttle while you two finish your drinks."
Apollo stands, shakes his head with a smile, then works his way through the crowd towards the hatch. We hold on the table.
Starbuck: "Where do we begin?"
Chameleon: "How about with your birth... or rather... my son's birth. The third phase of Virgo... in 7318."
Starbuck: (feigns frown) "I hoped I'd be younger."
They both laugh and we pull back from the table as Chameleon goes on with Starbuck listening intently. SCANNER SCREEN - ON ADAMA -
Adama: (pleased) "This is incredible news. I couldn't be happier. I'll have Cassiopea set up the tests and send the shuttle at once."
GLASS BOOTH ON ASTRAL LOUNGE - ON APOLLO AND SCREEN - Boomer is waiting outside the booth, and behind him the crowd is dancing to a moving beat. But the insulation is so complete we can't hear a thing outside the booth.
Apollo: (touch worried) "We'll be waiting."
Adama: (picking up on it) "What's troubling you, son?"
Apollo: "Starbuck is already acting as if Chameleon is his father. Chances are he's not and I'm afraid he's setting himself up for a terrible disappointment."
Adama: "Perhaps he is. But we can't change how he feels. (beat) And this Chameleon may just be his father. You even said there are many physical and personality similarities."
Apollo: (smiles) "You're right. Perhaps I'm being too cautious. But if I am, it's something I inherited from you."
Adama: (laughs) "Apollo... you can't blame your mother and I for everything you do. See you soon, son."
The monitor blinks off.

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