This Planet Hungers

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This Planet Hungers
This Planet Hungers
An issue of the Marvel Comics series.
Issue No. 10
Writer(s) Tom DeFalco
Penciller(s) Pat Broderick
Inker(s) Eduardo Barreto and Pablo Marcos
Colorist(s) Ben Sean
Letterer(s) John Costanza
Editor(s) Allen Milgrom and Jim Shooter
Cover Artist(s) Pat Broderick
Adaptation of
Published December 1979
Collected in The Memory Machine
Reprinted as
ISBN [[Special:Booksources/|]]
Population {{{population}}} Survivors
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Plot Synopsis

Again we join Adama as he relives an earlier period of his life due to the effects of the Memory Machine. He recollects a time when the Galactica encountered a living planet which threathened the Colonies, and he had to make a determination as to whether or not it should be destroyed.