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Introduced Greetings from Earth
Parents John Russel Fowler (creator)
Children Hector (constructed)
Marital Status
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Role Automated maintenance man for Michael's residence
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Portrayed by Ray Bolger
Vector is a Cylon
Vector is a Final Five Cylon
Vector is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Vector is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Vector in the separate continuity

Vector is an automaton created by John Russel Fowler to aid him in the maintenance of his Paradeen residence. Vector consequently built Hector from "spare parts" to aid him in building the residence for Sarah Fowler, Michael and the children.

Vector continually berates Hector for errors in judgment and seems to be the more cantankerous yet level-headed of the two automatons.

Apparently knowledgeable about Terra, Vector attempts to perform a piece from the Royal Theater of Terra, an event interdicted by Sarah.

After the encounter with the Eastern Alliance, she relents, permitting Hector and Vector to put on a show for the children (Greetings from Earth).