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The Colonial Viper is the primary space superiority fighter and attack craft deployed by the Colonial military. Capable of both atmospheric and long-range spacial flight, the Viper is a single-pilot craft with two-forward mounted laser-torpedo guns as standard.


In both Richard Hatch's novels and the Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer, new variants of the Viper are shown.

  • Azure-class Viper: A successor to the Viper seen in the Original Series, and built on Galactica (Armaggedon).
  • Scarlet-class Viper: A successor to the Azure-class, Galactica began building these class of Vipers 18 yahren after "The Hand of God". The first one is given to Lieutenant Commander Apollo, with a second one slated for Captain Starbuck, who stuck to his older Viper (Armaggedon). This Viper is seen during "The Second Coming".