Viper 2276

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Viper 2276 in Galactica's port hangar deck. (Miniseries)

Viper 2276 is a Viper Mark VII flown by Captain Lee Adama prior to the Cylon Holocaust of the Twelve Colonies (TRS: "Miniseries").

Lee Adama flies 2276 during the week following the escape from Ragnar and pilots it during the interception of the Olympic Carrier (TRS: "33").

Viper 2276 is once again piloted by Adama during SAR operations to locate the missing Starbuck. During the operation, Viper 2276 is temporarily grounded for repairs (TRS: "You Can't Go Home Again").

Vipers 2276 and 8547 about to destroy the Olympic Carrier (TRS: "33")


  • This Viper is referred to by the three-digit identifier "Viper 450" in a wireless transmission in the Miniseries.
  • Despite 2276 being seen throughout Season 1, the Viper Mk. VII piloted by Major Jackson Spencer in the Miniseries can clearly be seen to have the number 2276NC. Obviously, this Viper is destroyed due to Cylon infiltration via the 2276