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Willie King
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Willie King
Age 19
Colony Sagittaron
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Death Poisoned by Dr. Michael Robert (The Woman King)
Parents Portia King (mother)
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Portrayed by Scott Little
Willie King is a Cylon
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Willie King in the separate continuity
[[Image:|200px|Willie King]]

Willie King is the 19-year-old son of Portia King, hailing from Sagittaron.

Along with his mother, King accompanies a group of roughly 20 fellow Sagittarons to Galactica. Upon landing on Galactica, he demonstrates symptoms of a sickness which can easily be cured. However, due to Sagittaron beliefs, his mother refuses treatment.

Despite his fellow Sagittarons' vehement reservations, his mother seeks treatment from Doctor Michael Robert, 12 hours after King develops symptoms (although Robert claims King was 3 days symptomatic). Despite allegedly being given the treatment, he dies, leading his mother to petition Captain Karl Agathon to investigate Doctor Robert as she believed Robert killed her son.

Her beliefs are confirmed by Doctor Cottle, who tested King's blood, detecting acute cellular destruction as a result of a destructive bisphosphonate (TRS: "The Woman King").


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