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Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero
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Role Member of demolition team on Arcta
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Portrayed by Richard Lynch
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Wolfe in the separate continuity

Wolfe is one of the prisoners that enrolls in Apollo's expedition to destroy the Ravashol pulsar on Arcta.

Wolfe likes no one, and is liked by no one. However, he can get the job done, and is aggressive in doing so.

Wolfe isn't strongly inclined to the matters concerning the intellectual or social aspects of himself, but is devious and can attain information. He manages to liberate Vickers' laser pistol from the injured and barely conscious warrior.

Sparring with Haals, Wolfe "accidentally" fires off the laser pistol, rendering the snowram's power unit unusable.

Wolfe later uses the gun to threaten Apollo's life in order to get to the Cylon fighters atop of the mountain, as informed by a Theta. He attempts to escape with Leda, however Croft relieves Wolfe of his weapon. Wolfe flees into the snow, his fate unknown (TOS: "Gun on Ice Planet Zero").


  • Lynch's filmography shows a propensity to be cast as a villain due to his physical demeanor, and his Battlestar Galactica roles were no exception.