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Nestor Willow
Nestor Willow


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Rebirth
Death Killed by Zoe-R
Children Several in his group marriage (which are biologically his, if any, is unknown to date)
Marital Status Married to Clarice, Mar-Beth, Helena, Tanner, Olaf, Rashawn, and Desiree Willow plus at least a couple of other men
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Portrayed by Scott Porter
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Nestor Willow in the separate continuity
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Nestor Willow is the youngest of Clarice Willow's husbands, and a member of the Soldiers of the One terrorist group. He majors in computer science, or an equivalent course of study.

Nestor and Clarice attempt to determine what happened to Zoe Graystone's computer program for creating sentient V-world avatars by befriending Lacy Rand, but are unsuccessful. Afterwards, Clarice's other spouses accuse her of trying to seduce Rand through Nestor, which she denies (CAP: "Rebirth"). Working with fellow spouse Olaf, Nestor produces a swipe drive, in order for Clarice to copy the contents of Daniel Graystone's home lab computer, including Zoe's program (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy"). After Clarice returns, Nestor determines that the program had once been in Daniel's computer, but was subsequently removed (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").

Nestor is present and armed during Clarice's confrontation with Barnabas Greeley at the Caprica City docks, and later drives with her on the way to the spaceport when she seeks to confer with the monotheist leadership on Gemenon. The two of them are distracted by Amanda Graystone's suicide attempt on the Pantheon Bridge at the moment that Greeley forces Rand to detonate a bomb in the Willows' car (CAP: "End of Line"). The distraction saves Nestor, along with Clarice.

After the attempted assassination, Nestor begins to take a more visible role in STO activities. He is involved when Clarice holds Rand captive in their house, abusing her verbally and then later comforting her (CAP: "Things We Lock Away"). Later, he and Olaf take their spouse Mar-Beth's body away after she is murdered by Clarice, and arrange for the body to be mutilated and sunk (CAP: "Blowback") .

Nestor is an avid player of the V-world game New Cap City, along with Olaf. He eagerly confronts the "Avenging Angels" who had been terrorizing New Cap City, and accuses one of them of being nothing more than a hack copy of Zoe Graystone - not realizing that he is addressing the Zoe Graystone avatar they have been searching for all along. He and Olaf are both scolded by Clarice for wasting their time on the game, and later for producing dissapointing designs of the V-world heaven that is supposed to greet the avatars of future STO martyrs (CAP: "The Dirteaters").

Nestor begins to express doubts about Clarice and the STO. After reviewing a simulation of their planned attack on Atlas Arena, he openly suggests that the bombing will be nothing more than "showmanship," since it will be the martyrs' scanned avatars that will enter heaven and not the martyrs themselves. He also wonders how he or anyone else can be certain that Clarice speaks for God. However, he continues to work, and later discovers that Clarice's holoband containing the attack simulation and lists of STO names has been stolen and replaced. Realizing that the band was stolen by Amanda Graystone - and that Mar-Beth was killed for nothing - he recommends finding Amanda and eliminating her (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

A short time later, Nestor joins Clarice and Olaf in a nighttime invasion of the Graystone Estate, and is injured in the process of overriding a layer of computer security. Just before executing Amanda and Daniel, Zoe re-enters the repaired body of the original U-87 prototype. Nestor gets off one round before his skull is smashed by the robot (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").

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