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For the Cylon phrase, see: end of line.
End of Line
"End of Line"
An episode of the Caprica Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 9 (discuss)
Writer(s) Michael Taylor
Story by
Director Roxann Dawson
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 109
Nielsen Rating 0.5[1]
US airdate USA March 26, 2010
CAN airdate CAN
UK airdate UK
DVD release
Population {{{population}}} survivors
Extended Info Season 1.0 / Mid-Season Finale
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Ghosts in the Machine End of Line Unvanquished
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When the demand for Cylon production is dramatically changed, Daniel Graystone and the Zoe avatar are forced to take drastic actions. Barnabas Greeley tests Lacy Rand's allegiance to the Soldiers of the One. Amanda Graystone's mental health is pushed to the brink. Joseph Adama's quest to find his daughter in V-World comes to an end.



  • On Colonial Highway 5 in the forest, the U-87 is driving a Graystone Industries van while being pursued by Caprican military aircraft.
  • Twenty hours earlier, a CAP news report notes that Graystone Industries stock has dropped another 30% leading to speculation that the increasingly cash-strapped company will be forced to sell off assets.
  • In the lab with the U-87, Drew Tanner questions Philomon about his relationship with Rachel. Philomon says that he is not bothered by Rachel refusing to let him see her true form. When she does, his feelings for her will mean that her appearance doesn't matter.
  • As Tanner lights a cigarette, the U-87 instinctively flinches. The two note that the U-87 has not been the same since Daniel Graystone's tests with it the previous week. Philomon promises to take care of the robot, which comforts Zoe.
  • At Atlas Arena, Cyrus Xander presses Daniel for an answer to Tomas Vergis's offer to buy the Caprica Buccaneers, which should keep the company afloat for another month. Distraught, Daniel agrees to accept the deal.
  • At the docks, Barnabas Greeley waits with Keon Gatwick and two other men for a shipment of arms. Through the mist, Clarice Willow arrives accompanied by an armed Nestor Willow and two other men.
  • Clarice tells Greeley that she has called off the shipment and accuses him of trying to build a power base with the support of other STO cells. He argues that the STO needs to take action and mocks her beliefs in apotheosis before Clarice suddenly pistol-whips him.
  • As the groups take aim at each other, Clarice holds a gun to Greeley's head and threatens to kill him. She then releases him and tells him to back off if he wants to avoid a violent response from her, before her group walks away.

Act 1

DRADIS displays in GDD VTOL aircraft cockpit.
  • Back on Colonial Highway 5, the military aircraft continue to chase the U-87's van. The aircraft are notified that the vehicle contains a Cylon prototype and are ordered not to engage.
  • Seventeen hours earlier, Amanda Graystone is sitting in her bedroom. While a documentary about the Pantheon Bridge runs on the television, she looks through news articles about the U-87 defense contract, including speculation regarding Daniel's role in the break-in at the Vergis Corporation.
  • Taking pills and lighting a cigarette, she has flashbacks of chasing her brother Darius through the halls of the Delphi Convalescent Institute and of a bloody razor blade.
  • She calls Clarice, who is preparing to go to Gemenon. Clarice advises her to talk to Daniel about her feelings over dinner that evening.
  • At the docks, Greeley leads a prayer group of STO members. Dismissing them, he shows Lacy Rand the shipping crate he has acquired for her cargo to Gemenon. It is pre-cleared through customs, but the shipment will have to wait at least a week in order to prevent a search due to a raised threat level.
  • Rand is grateful, but Greeley demands a favor in return. He gives Rand a replica of Clarice's keyless entry remote for her car, asking Rand to switch it out for the authentic one on Clarice's key chain. He tells her it will allow him to track Clarice, and Rand agrees to do so. Greeley welcomes her to his terrorist cell.

Act 2

  • Fifteen hours before the pursuit of the U-87, Joseph Adama is lying on his sofa, oblivious to the world and still in New Cap City. Sam Adama is disgusted with his brother and wants to rip the holoband off, but Evelyn warms him that that is not possible. She tells him that Joseph will need organ meats and other nutritious foods when he comes out of it. Sam reluctantly agrees to buy the food, but insists that Evelyn keep close watch of Joseph.
  • Philomon and "Rachel" – Zoe – are cuddling together in a canopy bed floating on a sunlit stream. Philomon claims that he is fine not having met Rachel yet, and that what she looks like does not matter. They talk a little about the benefits of more environmental exposure for the robot. He hints that if his next attempt fails, there will be serious problems.
  • At the Athena Academy, Rand hurriedly switches keychain fobs while Sister Clarice is out of her office. She calls Greeley with the news.
  • Colonel Sasha Patel from Military Procurement visits the Graystone estate lab. After some pleasantries and an optimistic update from Daniel on the robot, the colonel worries about the coming deadline for delivery. She confronts him with knowledge that the U-87 relies in part on stolen technology. Because of potential political embarassment, the deadline for Daniel's delivery of one hundred thousand robots is moved up "to the 7th" – the very next week. "Well," Patel says, "I think we both know that if you can't get it done by then, you just can't do it . . . Daniel."

Act 3

  • Ten hours earlier, in the New Cap City version of the Adama apartment, Tamara cautiously approaches a silhouette of her signature T, which someone else has obviously placed there. From behind her, Emmanuelle emerges from the shadows and tells Tamara that she put it there to draw the girl to this place. Emmanuelle believes that Tamara, like everything else in New Cap City, is not real, and that she now believes that allowing Joseph to find her would be a worse option. Joseph is so lost in the search that he missed her brother Willie Adama's Ink Day and is now addicted to amp. She asks Tamara for a suggestion on how to help him.
  • At the Graystone Industries lab, Philomon tells Daniel about his plan to build a "psych profile" of the U-87's anomalies as a way of making copies of the MCP for mass production that preserve the original's abilities, a process that will take weeks. Instead, Daniel want to purge the anomalies "like a cancer" and use clean MCPs. Philomon protests that the uniqueness of the U-87 would be lost. Daniel becomes furious, and Philomon relents after his job is threatened. The entire conversation is overheard by Zoe-A.
  • On a virtual lakeside, Zoe-A tells Rand her plan to escape the lab – but Rand cannot do it that evening, and that they have to wait at least a week for the shipment to Gemenon. Zoe-A accuses Rand of failing her the same way she failed the original Zoe, and that she does not even see Zoe-A as real. Rand tries to apologize, but Zoe-A is pulled back into the robot.
  • Amanda puts on makeup, slips on a formal dress, and reads an Eros Day card left for her by her husband. She goes downstairs and is surprised to see Daniel preparing dinner, rather than getting ready to eat out. As they talk, Amanda reminds him that he was the one source of stability in her life at a time when she was losing her mind. She then confronts him about the break-in and murders at the Vergis Corporation lab. Daniel does not deny it, instead answering only that "it's complicated." She quietly walks out of the house.
  • Joseph enters the dark and apparently empty New Cap City apartment. He takes another dose of amp, hears someone in the shadows . . . and then sees Tamara. He runs to her and hugs her. She briefly returns the hug, and then tells him not to follow her anymore, since his existence in the game is killing him. Tamara shoots herself. Horrified, Joseph moves toward her on the floor – and at that moment she aims the gun at his head and fires, removing him permanently from the game. In the game, Emmanuelle disconnects, returning Evelyn in the real world. In the Adama apartment, she holds the sobbing Joseph, who is trying to grasp the fact that Tamara is really gone.
  • Philomon apologizes to the U-87 before commencing the wipe. At that moment, Zoe-A reveals herself, saying that she is "Rachel" and that she is trapped inside the robot. He yells for help but she silences him and begs for his help. Philomon repeats his claim that what she looks like does not matter. The U-87 steps back to let him pass, but he abruptly goes to a computer terminal and triggers an alarm. She yells "NO!" and pushes him away from the terminal, into the air, slamming his skull against a column. Philomon is instantly killed. The U-87 commandeers a Graystone Industries van and rams the complex gates.

Act 4

  • Daniel and Xander speculate about the U-87's actions as Philomon's body is taken away by coroners. Daniel asks that the soldiers trying to stop the robot do not destroy it, but Xander reports the military leadership's conclusion: Graystone Industries is incapable of managing the project any longer.
  • Colonel Patel walks out of a restaurant with Tomas Vergis. Despite Patel's dislike of Taurons – an accusation that Patel does not deny – she grants Vergis control of the U-87 project, and Graystone Industries along with it.
  • Still distraught, Amanda walks through Caprica City, toward the Pantheon Bridge. She removes her wedding ring and places it on the walkway barrier, slips off her shoes, steps onto the barrier, and jumps into Caprican Bay.
  • Rand accidentally finds Greeley and Gatwick working on video equipment. Gatwick tells her to leave, but Greeley insists that she should stay and watch, since she already played a role in their plan: the new keychain for is a digital relay that will trigger a bomb placed in the trunk of Clarice's car. The link to stop light cameras tracking Clarice's progress through heavy traffic start to go out. While Gatwick tries to re-establish the connection, Rand attempts to persuade him from detonating the bomb – and upon hearing this, Greeley decides to relieve Gatwick of the responsibility, by ordering Rand to do it herself. She refuses. Greeley points a pistol at Gatwick's head, until Rand relents. They wait until the CCTV video connection is fixed, and the car is in view again. Rand pushes the button, and the vehicle on screen erupts.
  • Crawling through heavy spaceport-bound traffic, Clarice and Nestor discuss her desire to receive approval from the leadership of the Monotheist Church to remove Greeley once and for all. The traffic comes to a complete halt near the foot of the Pantheon Bridge. Clarice spots a woman standing on top of the bridge, and she gets out of the car. Suddenly, a blast goes off behind her, and she spins around in horror at the fireball.
  • As the highway pursuit continues, Zoe tearfully remembers confrontations with Amanda and Daniel. The pursuit eventually stops at a military roadblock. After a momentary pause, Zoe charges the roadblock at full speed as her vision fills with bright light. The van flips over and explodes.


  • The phrase "end of line" is used by the Master Control Program (MCP) in the classic sci-fi/cult film Tron. The acronym "MCP" later finds use in Caprica when discussing the meta-cognitive processor.
  • End of line is a phrase often spoken by Cylon Hybrids.
  • "End of line" is also used in various programming languages to signify the end of a line in a program or other computer script.
  • Jesse Haddock is credited as Vergis's driver rather than Darius because this was leftover from the original concept of Amanda's visions of her brother. According to David Eick's podcast for "Ghosts in the Machine," it was planned for it to be part of a hoax perpetrated by Vergis who found a look-alike of her brother to drive Amanda insane. However, it was decided instead to portray it as her mental reaction to Zoe's death and all scenes that were filmed to explain it as a ruse were edited out.



  • Will Joseph accept that he will never see Tamara again? (Answer)
  • What will become of Tamara-A in New Cap City? (Answer)
  • Will Joseph learn that Evelyn was Emmanuelle?
  • Evelyn and Sam appeared to be working together (and there was the deleted scene where Sam did enter V-World to help Joseph) - did Evelyn contact Sam, or vice versa?
  • Is Evelyn involved with the Ha'la'tha?
  • Is Evelyn from Tauron or does she merely know the language?
  • Will Amanda survive her attempted suicide? (Answer)
  • Will Clarice be involved in what next happens to Amanda? (Answer)
  • What will Clarice do about Barnabas' attempt to kill her? (Answer)
  • How will the STO leadership on Gemenon view Barnabas' actions if they are made known to them?
  • Were Nestor and bystanders killed by the car bomb? (Partial answer)
  • Will Lacy and Keon continue to work for Barnabas now that he has shown a willingness to kill both of them, or will they attempt to escape or oust him? (Answer #1, Answer #2)
  • Will Zoe-R survive the wrecking of the car she was in? (Partial answer)
  • Will the GDD recapture Zoe?
  • If Zoe is recaptured, what will be done to her?
  • How will Philomon's fate and Lacy's apparent inability to help her affect Zoe's attitudes towards humans?
  • What is the extent of Vergis and Patel's involvement?
  • Will Vergis succeed in securing the defense contract? (Answer)
  • What was Daniel phoned about?

Official Statements

The final discovery made so much sense to me. That she had always cared for Joseph and felt a need to protect him was clear to me from the beginning. Following my discovery of her real identity, it suddenly became quite clear that Emmanuelle’s meetings with Tamara revolved around her intentions to connect with her, and were charged with the need to reach out and offer a sort of maternal guidance. Evelyn’s affections for Joseph in the real world were channeled into Emmanuelle’s empowered stance and instinctive role as his female guide in the V-world, but the integrity of her essence conflagrated when she sat down with his daughter and faced the young girl who she implicitly cared for with such affection.[2]

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Sister Clarice Willow confronts Barnabas Greeley with knowledge that he has been building an STO power base of his own behind her back:
Barnabas: Wow. I am a bother.
  • Daniel Graystone finishes informing Philomon of his plan to burn away the anomalies in the U-87's MCP in order to successfully begin mass production. Inside the U-87, Zoe-A listens:
Philomon: But we’d be destroying the original in the process along with everything that makes this prototype distinctive. Everything that makes it . . .
Daniel: What? Unique? A nifty poker player? Sweet Aphrodite, I don't know why I put up with your crap for so long. It is a robot, Doctor! It's not a pet, and it's definitely not a person. It's no different than your fancy cell phone, and right now I don't need a cell phone that will check my mail and wipe my ass. I need a cell phone that works!

Guest Stars


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