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Introduced The Imperfections of Memory
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Role Evelyn's V-world avatar
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Portrayed by Leah Gibson
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Emmanuelle is a Final Five Cylon
Emmanuelle is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Additional Information
Emmanuelle in the separate continuity

Emmanuelle is the name of Evelyn's holographic avatar in V-world. Unlike previous known avatars, Emmanuelle is the first known avatar that does not represent the player's real appearance (CAP: "End of Line").

"Emmanuelle" presents herself as an associate of Tad Thorean ("Heracles") when she makes contact with Joseph Adama in New Cap City. She offers to guide him for a price (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory"). While Evelyn's initial goal is to aid Adama in finding the avatar of his deceased daughter Tamara Adama, Evelyn realizes that this would only further Adama's withdrawal from reality. "Emmanuelle" summons Tamara-A to the V-world depiction of Adama's apartment through the use of Tamara's symbol, convincing Tamara-A to "kill" herself and her father's avatar—forever banning him from New Cap City and leaving him with the belief that his daughter was truly gone (CAP: "End of Line").