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An episode of the Caprica Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 11 (discuss)
Writer(s) Patrick Massett
John Zinman
Story by
Director Jonas Pate
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 111
Nielsen Rating 0.3[1]
US airdate USA October 12, 2010
CAN airdate CAN October 12, 2010
UK airdate UK
DVD release
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Unvanquished Retribution Things We Lock Away
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Barnabas Greeley's leadership of the STO on Caprica (RDM)|Caprica is challenged by a failed bombing and the return of Clarice Willow. Jordan Duram solicits Amanda Graystone for help in his investigation of the STO. Daniel Graystone begins a blackmail campaign against members of the Graystone Industries board as part of his attempt to reclaim the corporation.



  • Inside a nearly deserted Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport terminal, Soldiers of the One members Pann, Hippolyta, and Lacy Rand quietly go about setting up explosive devices. Before Rand can remove hers from a bag, a security guard confronts her, but is suddenly shot dead by Pann. The three terrorists flee into the rainy night and a waiting car driven by Keon Gatwick. As they speed away, Hippolyta prepares to detonate the bombs--until Rand tells them that she still has a device with her, in the car.

Act 1

  • The terrorists begin to realize the depth of their failure: not only were they unable to carry out the mission given to them by the leader of their STO cell, Barnabas Greeley, but the unexploded devices left in the terminal bear their fingerprints. Hippolyta and Pann berate Rand for her incompetence, until Rand demands to be dropped off.
  • At the Graystone Estate, Sam Adama pushes a confused and angry Cornell Gast inside, where he is confronted by Joseph Adama and Gast's former friend, Daniel Graystone. Daniel explains that as a member of the board of directors of Graystone Industries, Gast's vote is required to reinstate Daniel as the corporation's CEO, and that he is willing to publicly reveal Gast's history of drug abuse and sexual assault on young girls in order to ensure that vote. Gast indignantly refuses and is allowed to leave.
  • Joseph and Sam sit down with Daniel and review their files on other Graystone Industries board members. One by one, details of drunken driving, marital infidelity, and illicit sex emerge. Despite his misgivings about betraying colleagues and friends, Daniel carries on.
  • Waking from a dream about her daughter Zoe, Amanda Graystone notices her friend Clarice Willow lying in bed, wearing a holoband, and mumbling about Zoe. In V-world, Sister Clarice is talking with Alvo about the failed attack on the spaceport and the involvement of Clarice's former followers, who she calls her "children." Alvo demands that Clarice take action.
  • Gast sits in a parked car somewhere in Caprica City, finishes composing a letter, puts a gun to his head, and fires.

Act 2

  • Clarice moves against her former students. She first breaks into Pann's apartment and confronts him while he is seated in a bathtub; he apologizes to her and she reminds him that he was her first follower before Clarice pushes a television into the bathtub, electrocuting him. Several hours later in an alleyway, Clarice approaches Hippolyta, who tries to run but is cornered by Clarice's husband Olaf.
  • After daybreak, Rand makes her way to one of Greeley's safe sites, in a high-rise building undergoing construction. Greeley becomes enraged and doubts Rand's commitment to him. She tells him that she is loyal to God, which is enough to satisfy him.

Act 3

  • Overcome by grief and suspicion, Cornell Gast's wife Helen attempts to talk to Daniel, who calmly orders his driver to continue on. Daniel thinks back to his first meeting with Amanda in a hospital room after her attempted suicide. He once again tries to justify his use of Ha'la'tha criminals to steal cutting-edge technology in light of the people in killed during the theft. He compares his mistake with Zoe's involvement with the STO, which Amanda interprets as Daniel calling her a bad mother.
  • Agents of the Global Defense Department search Pann's apartment as part of their investigation of the abortive attack on the spaceport, which has become a murder case with the discovery of Pann's body. Jordan Duram notes that Pann was a student of the Athena Academy, the same school attended by Zoe Graystone and Ben Stark before their suspected involvement in the maglev bombing. He finds Sister Clarice on a Caprica City street. His questions quickly shift from Pann and Hippolyta to Clarice's own involvement in the Monotheist Church. Clarice reminds him of her position in service of the goddess Athena and as headmistress of the Athena Academy and walks off.
  • Cyrus Xander visits Daniel with a wooden crate containing the ruined U-87 prototype robot.
  • Duram meets with the director of the GDD, Gara Singh, about his investigation of the STO. Singh informs him that Sister Clarice has filed a harassment complaint, that even his own partner thinks that Duram is going in the wrong direction, and shares his own opinion that Duram is blinded by his own devout polytheism. Duram grudgingly assures his superior that he will back off.

Act 4

  • Without official support for his investigation of Sister Clarice, Duram turns to Amanda. He apologizes for coming into her home and taking all of her daughter's belongings before he explains why he feels Clarice is STO: she was raised on Gemenon at the same time the STO was actively recruiting soldiers to protect the new Monad Church, and she had been on Gemenon the week before at the same time as a conclave of the Monad Church leadership, and not at a teaching conference as she had claimed. Duram goes on to ask Amanda if she would become a confidential informant and bring back intelligence. Amanda leaves without giving him a decision.
  • At the cabin, Amanda reflects on her time with Clarice and realizes that there have been hints of her monotheism all along. She asks Clarice about her holoband usage. Her answers are evasive.
  • Amanda enters the Graystone Estate sometime later that evening, opens a safe, and retrieves a gun.

Act 5

  • With Greeley's cell under attack, Rand suggests that Greeley contact the Blessed Mother on Gemenon to arrange a truce. Greeley instantly rejects the idea and grows increasingly violent. Keon Gatwick loses his patience and tries to leave the safe site, only to be shot dead by Greeley. At that moment, Clarice and Olaf enter. Olaf seizes Rand, while Clarice arms an explosive and handcuffs Greeley to a beam. Greeley defiantly declares Clarice's vision of apotheosis to be nothing but a fraud. Back on the street, Clarice detonates the explosive, destroying the top floors of the skyscraper. Rand asks if Clarice and Olaf will kill her. Clarice answers, "I hope not."
  • Amanda returns to the cabin. Clarice is slumped in her chair and obviously troubled. Amanda slowly reaches into her purse for the gun, until Clarice says that Amanda is the only person she can talk to. Amanda lets the gun go, and listens to her friend.


  • Zoe-A and Tamara-A do not appear in this episode.
  • A ship of the same type as Colonial One is seen lifting off from the Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport.


  • Zoe briefly has red eyes in Amanda's nightmare, accompanied by the distinctive sound of a Centurion's eye flashing. This indicates a subconscious awareness on Amanda's part of a connection between her daughter and the robot or possibly a similarity to the prescient dreams many Battlestar Galactica characters experience.
  • Clarice is aided by Olaf Willow in her drive to eliminate members of Greeley's cell. Both Olaf and Nestor Willow, two of Clarice's husbands, have previously been shown as collaborators working with Clarice (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy," "The Imperfections of Memory"). Nestor is absent in this episode and was last seen near Clarice's car, which was bombed (CAP: "End of Line"); however, an article in The Caprican indicates that he survived [2].


  • What are Clarice's plans for Lacy? (Answer)
  • Did Greeley escape Clarice's bomb?

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