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"And since things move at the speed of light in our city by the sea, blink and you'll miss something. That's where The Caprican comes in."

The Caprican was a daily periodical in existence by YR42, 58 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. It ran news, entertainment, cultural, financial, and sports articles, as well as editorial columns and a section entitled "Playing the Field" (a reference to Pyramid), where readers could write in to the paper for advice on love, dating, and marriage.

News articles are color-coded with black headings, Sports with orange, Opinion with purple, Lifestyle with green, Entertainment with red, and Politics with blue.

Syfy Blog

The Caprican is available as an online companion to the events of Caprica, releasing stories that pertain to the plot both before and after episodes air, as well as giving background on culture seen in the series. It is available for viewing on the web as well as an App for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The blog appeared shortly before the series went on the air and the initial publishing run continued as late as a month after Season 1.0. The hiatus that followed ended just before Season 1.5 began, but the pause had been explained in-universe on July 27:

... the truth is that certain interests in the higher echelons of Caprica City society took some issue with a few of the things we'd published in the past few months. We won't go into the gory details, but we were unfortunately forced to cease and desist while the guys with the briefcases sorted things out ... We've received word that the red tape is beginning to clear, and so we'll be returning to action in the very near future ...

No articles have been published since the series was cancelled. The article titles, fictional dates and real-world dates of publication in 2010 are listed below. The fictional dates were calculated apparently by adding a variable number of days to the dates of publication. For example, the articles published between March 2 and April 30 use dates of YR42 which are three days later than the corresponding publication dates, so March 2 became Martius 5 and April 30 became Maius 3.

Latest Features


  • Vergis on Backtalk: How did he do?
  • Will the C-Bucs eke out a win?
  • More Dating and Love Advice from Playing the Field


  • Sale on Graystone computers at Emptor Electronics
  • Ambrosia Distillery tasting this weekend.
  • Art Treasures of Kobol Exhibit continues
  • Eros Day events: Love is in the air
  • Pyramid action continues at Atlas Arena


  • GRYSTN (Graystone Industries)
    • Last Trade: 18.00c
    • Change: -00.42c
  • VERGIS (VERGIS Corporation)
    • Last Trade: 45.55c
    • Change: -01.00c

Ianuarius Articles

12 (January 8)

Headline Writer URL
Graystone Computer Science Wing Coming to AU Ann Royall [1]
V-Clubs: A Reality, Virtual and Otherwise Carl Kipp [2]
Monotheists: A Passing Fad, Nothing More Ralston Sinclair [3]
Will the C-Bucs Stop Here? Caleb Barlow [4]
Caprica's Finest: The Graystones Laurel Hill [5]
Fares Rise and Commuter Morale Declines Laurel Hill [6]
Welcome to The Caprican Caleb Barlow [7]

15 (January 15)

Headline Writer URL
Medics Revive Holoband 'Sleeper' Laurel Hill [8]
Argentum Bay: The Ultimate Vernal Break Carl Kipp [9]

16 (January 16)

Headline Writer URL
Athena Academy Applications at an All-Time High Ann Royall [10]

17 (January 17)

Headline Writer URL
Teen Brawl Breaks Out at Little Tauron Eatery Adam Swiderski [11]

21 (January 21)

Headline Writer URL
Hot Spot: Holo Cafe Laurel Hill [12]
Libran Needs a Pyramid Team, Statim! Carl Kipp [13]

23 (January 22)

Headline Writer URL
BREAKING: MLMT Train Explosion; Casualties Estimated in the Hundreds Caleb Barlow [14]

Februarius Articles

5 (January 26)

Headline Writer URL
Athena Academy in Mourning Ann Royall [15]
BREAKING: Mayor, Justice Department Confirm Bombing as Act of Terrorism Caleb Barlow [16]

6 (January 28)

Headline Writer URL
MAGLEV Memorial Ceremony to be held in Apollo Park ["this week", but it was Junius 7th onscreen] Ann Royall [17]
What Explosions? Five Things to Help You Forget Terrorism Carl Kipp [18]

7 (January 29)

Headline Writer URL
Graystone-Stark Memorial Scholarship Fund Established at Athena Academy Ann Royall [19]
Parents: Get Your Heads Out of the Sand Ralston Sinclair [20]
Monotheists Are Not Your Enemy Adam Swiderski [21]

8 (January 30)

Headline Writer URL
BREAKING: Amanda Graystone reveals family link to MAGLEV bombing [even though Graystone Stock Stumbles on Terror Confession is in the Aprilis 11 issue of Caprican Tribune] Caleb Barlow [22]

9 (February 2)

Headline Writer URL
Graystone-Stark Memorial Scholarship Fund Renamed Ann Royall [23]

11 (February 4)

Headline Writer URL
Storm of the Century Hits Caprica Ann Royall [24]
From Bad to Worse For Graystone Industries Ann Royall [25]
Poll: Are the Graystones Responsible for the MAGLEV Tragedy? Caleb Barlow [26]

12 (February 5)

Headline Writer URL
Who Are the Soldiers of the One? Harold Sims [27]

16 (February 9)

Headline Writer URL
Mad Mothers Take Action Against Terrorism Laurel Hill [28]
Pyramid Trade Requests Are High Treason! Ralston Sinclair [29]

18 (February 12)

Headline Writer URL
Playing the Field: A Guide to Love in the Colonies Sharon Edmonson [30]
The Bottom Five Backtalk Guests Carl Kipp [31]

23 (February 17)

Headline Writer URL
Capricans to Govt: Stop Being Soft on Terrorism Sharon Edmonson [32]
Travel Agency Gets More Than It Bargained For After Group Marriage Wins Sweepstakes Caleb Barlow [33]
REVIEW: The Best New Virtual Dating Sites Laurel Hill [34]
Playing the Field: Lonely Girl from B.C. needs our help & more! (published on February 23) Sharon Edmonson [35]

24 (February 18)

Headline Writer URL
C-Bucs Fever: Catch It on Video! Caleb Barlow [36]
Violence in the Virtual World Sharon Edmonson [37]
The Top Five Overheard Eros Day Arguments Carl Kipp [38]

27 (February 22)

Headline Writer URL
Pipe Bursts on Olympic Street Ann Royall [39]
BREAKING: Holo Cafe Bombed Ann Royall [40]
EXCLUSIVE: A Few Words With the Queen of New Cap City Carl Kipp [41]

Martius Articles

2 (February 25)

Headline Writer URL
Get to Know the Colonies' Greatest City Caleb Barlow [42]
Daniel Graystone on Backtalk - A Near-Disaster Rescued by 'Terror Mom' Matthew Riley [43]
Graystone Industries Out of the Holoband Business Harold Sims [44]

5 (March 2)

Headline Writer URL
'P' Is For Paradise, 'P' Is For Picon Sharon Edmonson [45]
GDD Raids Athena Academy Ann Royall [46]
EXCLUSIVE: Hot New 'New Cap City' Cheats and Clues Matthew Riley [47]

6 (March 3)

Headline Writer URL
'Graystone Foundation' Established Sharon Edmonson [48]
What Is Daniel Graystone Hiding? Ralston Sinclair [49]

7 (March 4)

Headline Writer URL
Citizens Use Marshmallows to Protest Caprica Government Ann Royall [50]
Who Will Buy the C-Bucs? Caleb Barlow [51]

8 (March 5)

Headline Writer URL
Catch the Art Treasures of Kobol Exhibit Ann Royall [52]
The Passion of the Three Moons Harold Sims [53]
Vergis to Appear on Backtalk Sharon Edmonson [54]
Assistant Defense Minister: "Caprica City May Be Caught in the Crossfire of an STO Civil War" Harold Sims [55]

9 (March 6)

Headline Writer URL
BREAKING NEWS: Another Holo Cafe Bombed Ann Royall [56]

13 (March 10)

Headline Writer URL
Racism: An Unacceptable Aspect of Caprican Life Toccara Castleman [57]
Tomas Vergis Makes Big Splash on Backtalk Laurel Hill [58]

14 (March 11)

Headline Writer URL
Playing the Field: Scorpian Man in Waiting, and More! Sharon Edmonson [59]
Teen Fun Excitement! Get Your Butts to the Dance! Caleb Barlow [60]
The MAGLEV Memorial: It's Time to Move On Ralston Sinclair [61]
Delphi Institute Loses Major Funding Matthew Riley [62]

15 (March 12)

Headline Writer URL
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the C-Bucs' Kevin Kovat Harold Sims [63]
The Dive: A Place to Hide Laurel Hill [64]
Top 5 Best V-Match Dates! Sharon Edmonson [65]

21 (March 18)

Headline Writer URL
Students Compete For Robot Crown Sharon Edmonson [66]
Capricans and Their Pets: Stop the Madness Sharon Edmonson [67]
Pantheon Bridge Getting New Safety Measures Harold Sims [68]
Vergis and Graystone: The Plot Thickens Matthew Riley [69]

22 (March 19)

Headline Writer URL
New Cap City: Get Thee to Mysteries Caleb Barlow [70]
Local Artist Makes Beautiful Bags From Billboards Sharon Edmonson [71]
Top 5 Off-Beat Vacation Destinations Sharon Edmonson [72]
Corporate Espionage: Is It Going Too Far? Ralston Sinclair [73]

23 (March 20)

Headline Writer URL
Whither the C-Bucs? Matthew Riley [74]

27 (March 24)

Headline Writer URL
Who Is Barnabas? The Ghost of the STO Harold Sims [75]
Sagittaron: Up and Down the Acheron Caleb Barlow [76]
GDD Raises Terror Alert Level...Again Toccara Castleman [77]

28 (March 25)

Headline Writer URL
Suspicious Activity on Graystone Property Sharon Edmonson [78]
Qualai University Defends Robot Title Ann Royall [79]

29 (March 26)

Headline Writer URL
Road Work on Colonial 5 Nears Completion Ann Royall [80]
The Telewindow: One For Every Home Laurel Hill [81]
STO Training Camps: What Goes on There? Ralston Sinclair [82]
The Military Machine: The Other Side of Graystone Industries Matthew Riley [83]
The Top 5 Entertainment Options in New Cap City Sharon Edmonson [84]

30 (March 27)

Headline Writer URL
BREAKING: Dr. Amanda Graystone Apparently Jumps from Pantheon Bridge Sharon Edmonson [85]

Aprilis Articles

5 (April 2)

Headline Writer URL
Sister Clarice Willow, Target of Bomb Plot Sharon Edmonson [86]
RUMORS & WHISPERINGS: Is Tomas Vergis Buying the C-Bucs? Matthew Riley [87]
SPOTLIGHT: The Caprica Bay Waterfront Sharon Edmonson [88]
The Capricanization of Tomas Vergis Matthew Riley [89]

19 (April 16)

Headline Writer URL
Canceron Wants a Fourth Pyramid Team Matthew Riley [90]

20 (April 17)

Headline Writer URL
Graystone Computers Recycling Program Sharon Edmonson [91]
Vergis Corporation Proposes New Energy Standards Caleb Barlow [92]

24 (April 21)

Headline Writer URL
Gemenon: The (Evil) Twin of Caprica Ralston Sinclair [93]
Stop the Sagittaron Stereotypes Harold Sims [94]

Maius Articles

3 (April 30)

Headline Writer URL
Caprica Prepares for Upcoming Census Sharon Edmonson [95]
Two (Out of Seven) MAGLEV Stations Re-open Ralston Sinclair [96]

Sextilis Articles

4 (July 27)

Headline Writer URL
The Caprican Will Return! Caleb Barlow [97]

October Articles

29 (September 29)

Headline Writer URL
O Daniel, Where Art Thou? Ralston Sinclair [98]

November Articles

1 (October 1)

Headline Writer URL
Where Will the STO Strike Next? Harold Sims [99]

3 (October 4)

Headline Writer URL
Chatting with Holly Legrand on the Set of 'One' Ann Royall [100]
Vergis Running Graystone Industries - Now What? Harold Sims [101]

14 (October 15)

Headline Writer URL
Daniel Graystone: Back From the Dead (Sort Of) Harold Sims [102]
Clarice Willow: STO Target? Harold Sims [103]

15 (October 16)

Headline Writer URL
The Vergis Agenda - Or At Least Part of It Harold Sims [104]

16 (October 17)

Headline Writer URL
Just Wondering About That Military Roadblock Thing Ralston Sinclair [105]