Two (Out of Seven) MAGLEV Stations Re-open

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Only two?

Two (Out of Seven) MAGLEV Stations Re-open is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Ralston Sinclair. It was printed in Maius 3, YR42.


Hey, yeah, it's something, but it's still a disgrace.

I'd like to send out a half-assed "Congratulations" to the Caprican Department of Public Works, the Department of Community Relations, the Department of Roads and Bridges, the Department of Transportation and the dozens of other departments that I'm sure are involved with this continuing fiasco for actually managing to open not one but two MAGLEV stations that were, shall we say, "affected" by the STO bombing a few months ago.

Wow, guys. Two whole stations! Out of seven! Yeah, the street and sidewalk below is still a frakkin' mess, but at least people can actually get to that mess - or a part of it, anyway - via MAGLEV train now. After about what seems like a hundred months after the incident. Yeah!

For the love of the gods, I'm talking about accountability here, people. I'm talking about Caprican pride. The longer the MAGLEV line and the streets below lie in ruins, the more powerful a message of complacency and apathy we're giving to the other Colonies. Yeah, come one, come all, come and blow us up, we don't care! Eventually, oh, corrosion or something will clean up the mess.

I don't care where the "funding" comes from, pass around a frakkin' hat. But get the money, and get it fixed, and get it cleaned up. Now. Or else the rest of the Colonies will shake their heads and sigh and wonder why we're asleep all the godsdamn time.

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