Vergis Corporation Proposes New Energy Standards

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Vergis Corporation Proposes New Energy Standards is a The Caprican News article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Aprilis 20, YR42.


Tomas Vergis continues to position himself as Caprica's new White Knight.

The head of the Vergis Corporation and the number-one rival of Daniel Graystone was known for being relatively press-shy until a few weeks ago when he made an unexpected appearance on Back Talk with Baxter Sarno, where the handsome and charming Tauron made the announcement that he would be applying for his Caprican citizenship. He was also seen a few times in public with Graystone himself, which prompted speculation that Vergis might be making an offer to buy the Caprican Buccaneers from the financially struggling CEO.

Now, Vergis is trying to one-up Graystone's recent announcement that he would no longer be receiving profit from Holoband licensing (the main cause of Graystone's current economic woes). Vergis has announced that his company will be applying new self-developed energy standards to all Vergis Corporation properties, including all offices, labs, parking garages - even Vergis' multiple private homes in Caprica City.

The process, called VergisVolt, is described as being "70% more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly" than the standards currently in place at Vergis Corporation - and at Graystone Industries, for that matter.

"We here at Vergis Corporation are dedicated to the preservation of all of our great city's resources," said Vergis himself at a recent press conference. "As Capricans, it is not only our economic duty, but our moral one as well."

Very clever, too, Vergis referring to himself as a "Caprican."

What will the White Knight do next?

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