The Top 5 Entertainment Options in New Cap City

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The Top 5 Entertainment Options in New Cap City is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Martius 29, YR42.


Tired of shooting random passers-by just to watch them derez? Bored by the firearm roulette poker games? Want more variety from Mysteries than the nightly quiz show MC'd by Cerberus? Well here are a few more things to do in New Cap City that might tickle your fancy while you're wandering through.

1) Shooting Range Need some target practice before you blast some baddies? The shooting range on State Street has a shooting range equipped with machine guns, pistols, rifles, and more! It's entertaining and educational! New to New Cap? Start here!

2) Tattoo Yourself Ever wonder what it'd be like to take a needle to your own skin? Now you can! Stop by the shop on Durant Boulevard and get inking, or pick up some supplies to go! Learn how to get that hot New Cap look - DIY style!

3) Fly a Dirigible You've heard them coming from blocks away. You've seen them flying overhead. You've probably even taken cover from one or two. Now's your chance to fly one yourself! The air field on Daeno Blvd is a great place to hitch a ride on one. Hell, just go ahead and steal it - this is New Cap, after all.

4) Catch the show at the Eleusinian Theater Just back from their triumphant continental tour, the girls of the Eleusinian Theater show off their exotic dance moves at 10pm every night this month. Due to popular demand, this show has been held over - but try and catch it sooner than later. You never know which day in New Cap will be your last!!

5) Search for the Dead Walker Rumor has it that there's a young woman walking around New Cap City who can't be killed! That's right, she won't derez no matter how hard you try. I don't know about you, but we're completely fascinated by her! So instead of trying to off her, why not try to find out more? If you find out any additional information about how this woman manages to stay in the game, please post it comments below!

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