The Vergis Agenda - Or At Least Part of It

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What is the Vergis Plan?

The Vergis Agenda - Or At Least Part of It is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 15, YR42.


I apparently spoke too soon - Tomas Vergis does indeed have a plan for Graystone Industries.

Just last week I reported that Mr. Vergis had all but disappeared from the public eye since his (some would say all too easy) takeover of Graystone Industries. There he sat in the best office on the Graystone Industries campus with seemingly nothing to say for himself.

Now, the silence has been broken. Tomas Vergis greeted the press recently, looking like a million bucks and smiling with pride.

I'd probably smile, too, if there were the image of dozens of robots coming off an assembly line behind me.

Vergis has entered into an exclusive - and, apparently, very, very sweet - deal with an unspecified military organization.

"We'll be delivering one thousand robot chasses a month," Vergis said.

So, Graystone Industries - and, indeed, all of us - have entered a brave new world. A world of Robot Soldiers.

Say that out loud: Robot Soldiers. It's not science fiction. It's real.

What do you think about this? Is this a good thing? Or a very, very bad thing? Let us know. In the interim, we'll keep you posted on Tomas Vergis, Robot Master.

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