Libran Needs a Pyramid Team, Statim!

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No team for Libran?

Libran Needs a Pyramid Team, Statim! is a The Caprican Sports article written by Carl Kipp. It was printed in Ianuarius 21, YR42.


Hello, sports fans. Did you miss me?

Sorry to be gone so long, I was actually visiting Libran for a while. Don't ask. And yeah, it was Scorpia hot. Dear gods, what a hellhole. Marshy jungle netherworld, and lawyers buzzing everywhere. Themis! What an eyesore, it makes your head spin. Who designed that place, anyway? A stressed out architect with way too big a budget vomited up his idea of stinkin' Lawyer Heaven is my guess. Hey, Lawyer Heaven, is that an oxymoron?

That same architect designed a huge - and I mean huge - outdoor sports arena. You probably knew that. Built by Libran tax money and now, completely empty, unused and abandoned, worthless. Yeah, I saw it. And you know what? It's gorgeous. I love it. Oh, the Pyramid games we could have there. The games, people. Sweet, sweet memories, and frakkin' history, would be made. So it's hot and sticky, a small price to pay for beauty.

So Libran needs a Pyramid team, just so we can play in that arena. Yeah, you've probably heard that before, but I'm saying it again. So let's at least give this imaginary team a few possible names, then send the list to the lawyers in Themis and watch them argue it for the next hundred millennia.

The Libran Bloodsuckers - No, not because of the lawyers, because of all the damn bugs. It's a jungle hell, people!

The Libran Legis - Ha! Kidding. Although all the lawyers would probably pick this one.

The Libran Supremes - Named after the Supreme Hall. That might be baiting the commentators a little much. "The Supremes sure aren't doing too supremely tonight.." You can hear it, right? Tedious.

The Libran Divorcees - Everyone on Libran gets divorced. FACT.

The Libran Nature Boys - And girls, of course.

Okay, whatever, there's five. What else you got?


  • The suggested name of The Libran Supremes could be a reference to the American band The Supremes.

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