Vergis Running Graystone Industries - Now What?

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Now What?

Vergis Running Graystone Industries - Now What? is a The Caprican Politics article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 3, YR42.


In a twist of fate that would seem more at home in science fiction than in reality, Tomas Vergis has seized control of Graystone Industries. One man has overtaken another, bringing the long rivalry between Caprica's two greatest industrialists to an apparent end. For now, anyway.

Yes, Tomas Vergis now sits in the best office on the Graystone campus. But what exactly is he doing in there? Vergis has kept almost completely quiet since the press conference announcing the takeover. Since then, he's made no effort to let the public know what his plans are for the company. He hasn't even boasted about why he thinks he's the better man for the job.

In the weeks leading up to the takeover, Vergis was putting on quite a show, positioning himself as Caprica City's "White Knight." He humbly renounced his Tauron upbringing and revealed he was pursuing Caprican citizenship on Backtalk With Baxter Sarno. He announced that his own company will be applying "VergisVolt," a new self-developed energy standard, to all Vergis Corporation properties, including all offices, labs, parking garages - even Vergis' multiple private homes in Caprica City.

And yes, he'd been seen smiling away at all sorts of public events, including museums, art gallery openings, movie premieres...even a C-Bucs game or two.

But now Mr. Vergis has walled himself up within the confines of Graystone Industries. As far as anyone can tell, it's business as usual over there - cars pull into the parking lot in the morning, workers go into their respective buildings, they emerge at the end of the day and drive home.

What's going on? This guy just took over the company of his number-one rival. When's he going to let us know his Big Plan for Big Change?

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