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Introduced Galactica 1980 1
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Troy in the separate continuity

For the canonical character from which this character is based, see: Troy (1980).

Troy is the adopted son of former Flight Captain Apollo and the biological son of Serina. During his childhood years, he was known as Boxey.

By 1980 C.E., he became a Warrior and flew patrols that he believed were worthless as during his life as a Warrior, neither he nor his wingman, Dillon, encounter Cylons. To cope with the boredom and conditions in the Fleet, Troy seeks refuge in ambrosia and often drinks while on patrol, much to Dillon's chagrin. Troy and Dillon appear to have an odd relationship, as Dillon is responsible and "by-the-book" in his approach as a Warrior.

During a patrol in 1980, Troy and Dillon recover the Voyager spacecraft launched by NASA several Earth years prior. After Doctor Zee deciphers the golden disc on Voyager, they find the location of Earth and discover its inhabitants to be primitive and unable to repel a Cylon invasion, should one occur. Troy and Dillon are dispatched as scouts prior to Commander Adama's over the White House in Washington, D.C. (Galactica 1980 1).