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For the Re-imagined Series ship see: Aurora (ship).
For the goddess named in the Re-imagined Series, see Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn.


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Portrayed by Ana Alicia
Aurora is a Cylon
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Aurora in the separate continuity

Aurora is a past romantic interest of Starbuck's. Starbuck assumes that Aurora was killed on Caprica during the Cylon Attack. Much to his surprise however, Aurora has been working on the electronics ship, Celestra, and has been listed in the Fleet's Computers as a shuttle pilot for Commander Kronus. When he attempts to reacquaint himself with her, she blows him off, correctly stating that if he had cared enough, he could have found her via the Fleet's Computers.

During the award ceremonies, Aurora gathers navigational information from Galactica on a nearby planet located somewhere in Beta Sector so that she and her fellow mutineers, lead by her lover Damon, may settle there away from the Fleet. The impetus for this mutiny lie in the oppressive conditions imposed by Celestra's XO, Charka.

When Starbuck and Apollo just happen to thwart this mutiny, Kronus elects to take her and her compatriots to the Galactica to personally oversee the dispensation of consequences. En route, however, the mutineers claim that they mutinied against him because of the oppressive conditions imposed upon them by Charka; they assumed he did so by Kronus' blessing.

When the guidance feed from the Celestra is terminated purposely (thus proving Charka's involvement), leaving the shuttle out into space unguided, the mutineers barter a deal: in exchange for a fair trial, they would enhance the sensors of the shuttle so they would be sensitive enough to detect the Celestra's low power emissions.

During the endeavor, Damon has doubts as to whether or not Aurora would ever be satisfied with him. However, Starbuck convinces him that he is no obstacle between them, thus receiving her appreciation.

After retaking the Celestra, she and her fellow mutineers are absolved of the charges of mutiny (Take the Celestra).