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Introduced Razor Flashbacks, Episode 2
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Role Viper pilot and squadron leader, Galactica
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Portrayed by Jacob Blair
Banzai is a Cylon
Banzai is a Final Five Cylon
Banzai is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Banzai is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Banzai in the separate continuity

Banzai was the callsign of a Viper pilot and squad leader assigned to Galactica during the Cylon War.

During Operation Raptor Talon, William Adama was Banzai's wingman and made a failed attempt to defend Columbia from the Cylons who had broken through her defenses (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 3).

Banzai needed to exert a firm hand on the willful young Adama, as demonstrated by his actions in trying to pull Adama away from a wounded Jaycie McGavin (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 2) and, later, when trying to convince Adama not to follow the two Cylon Raiders down to the ice planet (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 3).