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For the Original Series episode, see: "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero".
Operation Raptor Talon waging above the unnamed ice planet

An unnamed ice planet on the "ass end of nowhere" is a base of operations for the Cylons during the Cylon War.

Rumors amongst the Colonials indicate that this ice planet houses a superweapon, since it houses an impressive amount of defenses: three Raider wings, ground forces, nuclear weapons (TRS: "Razor Flashbacks," Episode 1) and at least two basestars (TRS: "Razor Flashbacks," Episode 3).

The events of Operation Raptor Talon occur in orbit of this planet, as does the destruction of the battlestar Columbia (TRS: "Razor Flashbacks," Episode 3).

When Adama crash lands on the planet, he discovers a grounded basestar and several warehouses. In one of the buildings he finds a laboratory, where the Cylons experimented on humans they abducted from civilian vessels. Unable to free the survivors, he leaves the building when the basestar takes off (TRS: "Razor Flashbacks," Episodes 4 through 7).

Over 40 years later, Adama realizes that this was a base where the Cylons created the Hybrids by experimenting on humans. The first Hybrid was on the basestar that escaped and the crew of that ship were the only remaining original Centurions left as the other Centurions were created non-sentient. The ship that escaped is destroyed by a strike force from Pegasus with a nuke in the Battle of the Guardian Basestar (TRS: "Razor").


  • An unrelated moon covered in ice is encountered by the Fleet in the episode "Water" and is used to replenish its dwindling water reserves.


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