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For the actor whose last name is Barton, see: Dan Barton.



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Birth Name Barton
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Introduced Murder on the Rising Star
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Role Colonial Warrior and Viper pilot, battlestar Galactica
Rank Flight Sergeant
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Portrayed by W.K. Stratton
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Barton in the separate continuity

Flight Sergeant Barton is a Viper pilot and Warrior on Galactica. He is often Flight Sergeant Ortega's wingman and Triad partner, although he made it definitely clear that Ortega was never a close friend of his; he only partnered with Ortega in Triad due to the fact that he was a winner.

After Ortega's termination, Apollo and Boomer set out to clear Starbuck's name, and Barton was the only person they could question. Barton reveals that he hung around a particular pyramid dealer on the Rising Star; as well as commented on the fact that Ortega feared only one person -- a man named Karibdis -- after Barton got on Ortega about changing his behavior before someone killed him. This fact was revealed during a long-range patrol. Barton also informs the Warriors that there were many other people that Ortega crossed paths with, but the information Barton provides is instrumental in finding Karibdis and proving Starbuck's innocence (Murder on the Rising Star).